First United Methodist Church

The Power
of The Story
Of God's Love

We each have our own personal stories of who we are,
where we come from, and where we want to go.  
We are molded by our stories
in how we think and perceive the world.

    As living disciples of Jesus, the faith Story of Jesus of Nazareth
shapes us, too.   The power of the resurrected Christ works in our lives shaping our stories, thoughts, actions and behavior.

    The Story of Jesus Christ 
– both the historical acts of salvation and the ongoing acts
of faith, love and justice in our world now
– guides, informs and transforms us.   The gospel writers tell us
about Jesus – his origins, his calling, his acts of healing, his teaching,
his compassion, his miracles, and his passion, death and resurrection
– through the power of story.

    The Story of Jesus Christ is the story of God’s great love
for all people.   The gospels reveal God’s interaction with humanity
through a real person, Jesus, who is also understood to be the unique Child of God, and along with the Holy Spirit, one with God.

    Jesus’ Story continues in our lives as we tell his story
and our own stories through words and deeds.   We are a church
that is engaged in ministries of justice as well as charity, serving people inside and outside of our walls.   We believe that peace and salvation
in Christ begins here and now, and lasts for eternity.

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